Export 33 NZ Singlespeed Championship 2010 Results

The race consisted of 5 laps of a 6 kilometre course at 7 Mile Reserve.  Each lap contained of 330 metres vertical of climbing.  The race started with a 1 km run with your front wheel.
Incredibly the weather gods were on our side and the rain stopped long enough for the race.
82 entrants raced for the pretiquous honour of being NZ best singlespeeders.  We are proud to say that 4 of the 5 titles went to mainlanders!
The QMTBC would like to thanks everyone for coming down (from as far as Whangarei and Aussie).  We hope you enjoyed or race and your stay in Queenstown.  Normally it doesn't rain this much!
Open Men's - Garth Weinberg (somewhere other than the south island) - 2 hrs 18 min
Open Womens - Anya McDonald (Christchurch) - 2 hrs 49 mins
Old Bugger Mens - Tony Moore (Queenstown) - 2 hrs 51 mins
Old Bugger Womens - Denise Thorne (Alexandra) - 3 hrs 36 mins
Retro - Stu Greig (Queenstown) - 3 hrs 30 mins
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Competitors Comments
"Also, I've gotta say that you guys put together one hell of a course!  It was awesome fun, but man, it broke me.  I think that was the general consensus of everybody that was staying with us (that included Spidey, the skeleton, the luchedore, the nurse as well as a few others)." Anja
"I just wanted to reinforce my comments following Saturday's race. Fantastic location, very challenging course, and great, supportive marshals, all made up for a most enjoyable race. Simon and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves." David
"I participated in the race on Saturday. It was brilliant, thank you." Tim
"many thanks for a great event at Anzac weekend, we had a ball, although the course was pretty brutal!" Peter.
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2 thoughts on “Export 33 NZ Singlespeed Championship 2010 Results

  1. Hi, I’m doing a couple of sponsorship proposals on behalf of the Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club, for next years NZ single speeds. I was wondering if you could send me a couple of photos, rough numbers of spectators you had, what benefits your sponsors received etc. Thank you.

    1. Hy Lyndal, I have passed your details on to Carey, as he organised the race this year. As for Photos have you seen the picasa gallery here? I took all the photos in that gallery so if you want higher res versions of any give me a shout, I’ll send you an email with my contact details.

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