This 26km ride from Arrowtown follows the Arrow River up stream to Macetown & back.
Macetown is an old gold mining settlement 280 vertical meters above Arrowtown & 677 vertical meters above sea level. Start off on the sweet single track behind the main street of Arrowtown to the left of the Arrow River, then cross the foot bridge onto the 4WD track, then it’s a steady climb, with a few quick downs until you get to Soho creek which has a foot bridge built in 09, then cross the upper Arrow foot bridge & continue up the 4WD track to Macetown crossing the river loads of times. There is also single track built in 09 that starts on the left hand bank of the Arrow after the upper Arrow Bridge, you can get to Macetown with dry feet, but it is a bit of a bike hike & lifting & pushing are required on parts of this track. After having a breather at Macetown it’s an easy return ride back the way you came, when you get to the lower Arrow foot bridge you can either follow the single track back or if it’s hot I enjoy finishing it off by following the river all the way back to where you started from. 26km there & back, 2-4 hours return. River can be impassable after heavy rain, snow & ice can cover the track in winter.

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