Skippers Canyon

From the Skippers Saddle car park ride the Skippers Pack Track, a 5km
technical in places ripper of a single track, down to Skippers Road. Either
ride back up to the saddle which is about a 30min climb & about a 45 minute
loop or hitch a ride back up with some of the locals doing shuttles. If you want more of ride head into the deserted Skippers Township an
interesting ride over the Blue Slip on the Skippers 4WD track, continue from
the Pack Track turning right onto Skippers Road, turn left nearly 16km from
Skippers Saddle & head down to the old Skippers Bridge & then climb to
Skippers Township have bite to eat then return. 34km there & back, 2.5-4 hours return, Road can be closed due to slips, snow
& ice at any time of the year. For Full or Multi Day Epics ride 17km from Skippers Bridge to Branches
Station, but call ahead & ask the Station manager for permission &
directions. (03) 441 8421

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