Skippers to Greengates Huts

Click here to go to the Google Maps page Start at the carpark opposite the Zoot Track, ride up the Coronet Peak road turning left to Skippers Saddle.  Go through the gate over the cattle grid in the main road and off to the right is the start of the Skippers Pack Track.  The  pack track is a great flowy fast downhill ride to the bottom.  At the bottom carry on along the valley floor till you see a narrow steep track winding up through a pine planatation on the other side of a wire fence, follow the track and you'll come up to Greengates Saddle.  From the top another fast flowy descent takes you down to Greengates huts which lie at the bottom of a steep and sudden drop to a small creek.  Return the same way but ride up the 4WD road to Skippers Saddle adn take a sharp right at the top and drop down the fantastic Zoot track hitting the berms and jumps back to the car at the bottom. Check out the map on google maps but note that if you want to follow this track don't go beyond the hut, just turn back. We tried to find an alternative way out and failed. It gets pretty steep and gnarly out there! Some Photos too..

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