Coal Pit saddle – Ben Cruachan

This has to be one the best Back Country rides in the district if not the country! A huge 700 vertical meter climb up Coal Pit Road to Coal Pit Saddle, then continue around the flowy water race track for 4km, A steep track climbs for a few km to a 4WD track on the top ridge, follow this track over Mt Salmond to Ben Bruachan (1895m). Return the same way; you don’t need to pedal if you don’t want to as it’s all down from here! 4-6 hours return. No chance of doing this one in winter due to snow

One thought on “Coal Pit saddle – Ben Cruachan

  1. Amazing ride/walk, went in from remarks end, hiked the bikes up the rock faces for a good few hours, but found some amazing shoots and faces to ride down, nature has really created a play park in the back blocks. We were out there for a good 7 hours one way, car at both ends, but it is very much worth the effort, a real adventure.

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