2010/11 Club Membership and Cards

It's that time of year again!  Support your local club and renew your membership or sign up for the first time.  If you have any friends or workmates who ride get them to join up too. Club memberships run fron Nov 1st to Oct 31 and if you sign up in the last three months of the membership year (Aug, Sept, Oct) the following year is included.  So no excuses for waiting! 2010/11 Membership Card Sign up either on the website (click here) or roll into Bikesmarts in Alta opposite the Station building on Camp st and Martyn will sort you out with a membership form and one of our swanky new membership cards.  After you sign up online you'll be asked if you want to pick it up at Bikesmarts or have it posted to you. This card will give you all sorts of discounts and special treatment all over Queenstown.  The current discount list is top secret (at least until we compile it) so just flash it everytime you spend some money in Queenstown and hopefully you'll be pleasently surprised! Don't know where Alta or Bikesmarts is?  Click on the title above and follow the link to the website where there is a map to guide you there.

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