Help required: Bike Lost at 7 Mile

If anyone knows anything about an Ironhorse Hardtail that went missing at 7 Mile please contact us by leaving a comment on the QMTBC website. In the owners own words: “On Sat 23nd I was riding on my own at 7 mile. Took a small jump and did a lovely face plant. end result was cracked ribs and a badly broken arm. Anyway, there was no way I could get my bike back to the car so I left it on the side of the track thinking that mtb riders are a honest bunch and I could pick it up later. Long story short, went up there today and it’s gone. if anyone knows where it is can you give me a yell. it’s a Ironhorse hard tail.” Leave a comment below if you know anything and we’ll contact the owner.

One thought on “Help required: Bike Lost at 7 Mile

  1. gee… that sucks. Hope your on the mend and that whom ever half-inched your bike returns it. Mountain bikes don’y just disappear!!!

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