SBS Bank Jardine Bike Jam – a great day out!

This year's Jardine family bike jam was a great success with loads of families and kids of all ages attending.  We got a few photos of the day and anyone with more are welcome to send them in so we can put more up!
Lolly Scramble
The most important event of the day went over well!
There were all sorts of riders there from the XC racers...
small kid on mountain bike
XC racing...

kid riding on dad's top tube
and the wekend warriors.
small kid riding mtb with mum
Weekend Warrior.
Of course there was the all important face (and other body part) painting
kids painting their faces
Face, hand arm painting
kids around a table painting faces.
More faces being painted.

Any many important skills being taught...

bike mounting lesson - the cool way
How to get on your bike - and look cool!
There was plenty of refreshments and Rico from Element was on hand to make sure everyone's bikes went the distance.
Keeping everyone watered and riding!

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