Outside Sport Super D Enduro 6hr Mountain Bike Race

Mountain bike wheelsThe first event in the Queenstown Bike Festival is the OUTSIDE SPORT SUPER D ENDURO. Ben Lomond Forest 16th April 2011 Race start 10am Operations The Skyline Gondola has assured us of every second car for the duration of the 6hrs and there will be no other bikers able to use the gondola. Timing is going to be done at the end and start of each run, so it will be the racing time that will count. Route Markings The route will be marked as required with SUPER D and TAPE signage What to bring A bike that will get you to the end of a 6hr race - the Super D format is neither a DH or XC race but something in-between - the ideal bike is a 4-6inch travel all-mountain bike After the race Prize giving will be about 5.00pm Skyline Restaurant followed by after party at Dux de Lux with video of the day. Full details on on Outside Sports SUPER D ENDURO Entries open now click here.

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