Vertigo entrance request

There has been a bit of an issue with some riders skidding down a line to the top of the original Vertigo trail next to ZipTrek.  This is not part of Vertigo and there has been a few close calls with people on the main track. For those that don't already know there is a great new entrance to Vertigo off Hammy's Trail and if that's not steep enough for you go a bit further along and drop into Ant's track!  If you want to do the original Vertigo then ride down the main track between the helipad and the bike chute and drop into it next to the main ZipTrek entrance. Play nice and keep everyone happy and we'll be building trails up there for years to come!

2 thoughts on “Vertigo entrance request

  1. No matter. There are people, dogs, kids…etc.
    I think the “play nice” respect be such.
    Last time I walked the track, I was abused by a MTB’er for getting in the way. I was WALKING!
    Ride with care. Know control.

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