NZCX Update 28-03-2011

NZ CX champs posterThe Queenstown-Lakes District Council have approved the construction of a course at Jardine Park (and adjacent paddocks) to hold the AJ Hackett Bungy NZ Cyclocross Championship. For an entry form click here The course, which will be approximately 3 km long, includes a mixture of ground surfaces including gravel road, dirt and grass. There will be a lot of steep inclines, some boggy areas, many off-camber grassey turns and, of course, wooden barriers. The Queenstown Mountain Bike Club will be constructing the course in May (if anyone has a small tractor with mower on the back please get in touch!). Two optional practice days are scheduled for Sunday 5th June and Sunday 19th June 2011. The purpose of these practice days is to test the course, our bikes, fitness and skills ahead of the big race on Saturday 2 July 2011. Some big names have already entered the race - including the 2010 World Singlespeed Champion and 2009 NZCX Champ - Garth Weinberg from Rotorua. However we are forever hopeful that locals Willy and Jim will give him a run for his money. Rumour has it that the 2010 NZ Old Bugger Singlespeed Champ, T-Man, is also going convert himself and his Yeti singlespeed to a cx machine. We are unsure whether that inlcudes shaven legs at this stage. He will be a hot contender to secure yet another national title, but will have to fight off stiff competition from other veterans such as Eon Smith, Henry Van Asch, Geoff Hunt and John Knight. Not everyone is happy with the cx champs rules (as per the entry form). One bushy haired bike mechanic from Outside Sports, who does not wish to be named, has complained about the rule requiring him to wear lycra. We all know his preference is to wear a blue dress and blonde wig, so we have accommodated his concern by inlcuding a fouth rule allowing him to enter as a "crossdressing cyclocrosser". Who knows, he may even win the womens title. Anyone who would like to help develop the course over the next few months please contact Carey 0274 858 123. Banner of sponsors for nz cx champs 2011

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