AJ Hackett Bungy – NZ Cyclocross Champs Update

Conditions are on the improve for the NZ Cyclocross Champs.   The temperature is dropping, the ground is getting saturated from constant freeze/thaw, and best of all the snow is starting to appear.  Things are shaping up for perfect cross conditions in July - hopefully we have chosen a cold, wet and wild day to run the race. Entries are still rolling in.   There is a cut off - both in terms of time and numbers (condition of our agreement) - so make sure you enter early to avoid disappointment. brake levers mounted on the top flats of drop bars For those of you wondering how to run your hydraulic disc brakes on drop bars there are a few possibilities out there.  The best one we have seen is Garth Weinberg's set up he used in the 2009 and 2010 cx champs, where he mounted the brake levers on the top flats of his drop bars (see photo attached).  Garth's advice on this setup is as follows:  "Had to use longer bolts on the lever clamps coz the bar diameter is slightly larger than a mtb one. Also a fat cable tie between the levers to take  some of the deflecting load when braking. So, the result was an ‘interrupter’ style brake setup and I had dummy brake levers on the drops that I had to keep reminding to myself were not functional." We plan to set up a couple of barriers for practicing dismounts, running and jumping and remounting your bike at Jardine Park this weekend.  The barriers will be located next to the pump track.   We will leave them there until the race (or until we get asked to remove them).  For those wanting to know the proper technique to negotiate the barriers there are many instructional videos on YouTube.   Just search "cyclocross". We plan to create the course on the sturday of Queens Birthday weekend.  We have a tractor/mower booked and ready to go.   If you want to help please call Carey 0274 858 123 or email Carey.

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