NZ Cyclocross Champs Course

This is the plan for the cx course at Jardine Park.   It should be between 2.5 and 3 km long.  We have been riding around there the last few days, and we think we have pretty much got is sussed.  It is a lot harder than it looks... 2011_NZ_CX_Course We have  tried to keep it centred on the Crochet Clubrooms as much as possible for spectators.   That is where the bulk of the action will be in terms of course features. I have booked the tractor and mower for Saturday 21 May. Plan is to meet out there 9am and start mowing, raking, weed eating and riding.   We should be able to build it in a day easily. Could you please let me if you can help out on the 21st by email to:   The more helpers we have the better the course will be.  Please pass this email onto anyone else who might be interested helping out.

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