Cyclocross Practice Report

A  fair turnout on a cold day on a variety of bikes had me coming away thinking what a social, fun sport this CX thing is for a cold winter's day. Challenging on the ups and fun on the downs and great views all around.  Somehow you think that hopping off of the bike to get up a hill will give you a rest - but it actually feels worse to carry your bike up a muddy obstacle ridden slope! It's just a fun course to do on any kind of bike. It will definitely be worth watching with some muddy corners developing on the course - just a few words of advice though - Don't stand right at the bottom of any slopes! If you just want to watch and don't want to get cold and wet, the croquet club rooms will be open on the day. Sorry no croquet available though! Here's the link to the Youtube video that Carey showed at the AGM - it certainly generated a few giggles, as we hope to do on race day. and like us on facebook at

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