Trail Work 7 Mile and Wynyard DH

Various Mountainbike Club members and contractors have been hard at work recently doing work on various trails around Queenstown. 7 Mile Lance Brown has had a crew at 7Mile and have now fully cleared the fallen trees at the bottom of Kachoong.  Time and money that QMTBC invests here is always worthwhile as evidenced by the popularity of the area. Wynyad DH Nathan Greenwood has been hard at work re-instating the bottom half of Wynyard.  Over the winter look for the rest of Wynyard to be tidied up and hopefully a new 'easy' line down to and over the creek.  The new Brushcutter that the club has bought will be invaluable here and creating many more trails over the next few years. So no excuses, get out there and ride the trails!

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