Cyclocross Entries Closing Date Fri 24th June

A reminder that the land of smurfs, brussel sprouts, beer and chocolate  (Belgium if you hadn't guessed) brings cyclocross to Queenstown in early July.  However, in order to help us organise this smoothly we need entries to be confirmed beforehand. The closing date for entries is this week. Entry forms must be posted and received by Friday 24th June. You can download the form from here. All entries are to be posted and the payment options are listed on the entry form. Remember that if you are not able to build or source a cyclocross bike you can still enter the race on a mountain bike, however if you win, you will not have the right to the title. Also note that the course is open for practice at any time, just leave any gates as you found them. See you on Tuesday for the Shortest Day Night Ride

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