Skyline Road Closures

Skyline road will be closed to bikers and walkers from Monday till Friday 8.00am till 5.30pm, 1st October - 30th November 2011, alternative routes to the midway clearing must be used. Note: No downhill trails will be affected by the operation.  Vehicles:
  • The road will be open to all vehicles if there is no tape/rope across the road. No tape means you are free to use the road at any time as the harvesting crew will be felling within the block.
  •  If the road is taped/roped it means that the road is closed. You cannot enter the taped area until you have the ‘all clear’ from a crew member.

Bottom Skid – if the road is tapped at the bottom skid, there will be someone present to tell you when you can proceed along the road.

After mid way clearing – if the road is taped you must phone the contractor to see when you can pass.

Dave Collett: 027 4311 216

Andrew: 027 204 0145 Andrew will be in the block (Andrew does not have an answer machine so please txt if you wish to message him)

When you have been given the all clear, please put the tape back into place – leave it as you found it.

 Please note: The harvesting crew start work at 8am. They have smoko at 11am and 2pm, the road will be free to use at these time.
  • There will be no disruption to the road when the crew are felling within the block.
  •  There may be slight road delays when a logging truck is loading, please wait until you have the all clear to pass.
  •  If there is an emergency and the road is taped please call Dave and he will arrange access up the hill.

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