Trail Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey - the results make interesting reading.  We got a great response and have gathered some very useful information that is already helping the club plan its activities for the next year. Overall, respondents said that they wanted to see the Queenstown Mountainbike Club:
  • creating more cross country singletrack,
  • advocating more access to existing trails
  • maintaining momentum in building new downhill trails and 7 mile trails
  • maintaining the existing trail network
Here is a more detailed breakdown of what you said to us...

1. What would you most like to see QMTBC energy put into?

To help simplify the results the first two in each category (priority 1 - Do heaps and priority 2) have been combined into a the green 'Do More' below.  Priotity 3 is left as is coloured orange and labeled "Keep it up"  while the two lowest priorities from the survey are in red and labeled 'Not so much' Graph showing survey results.

2. Would you ride more at 7 mile if we made the initial climb from Wilson's Bay easier?

  Pie graph of question 2, yes- 43%, no - 43%,don't know 15%

3. Would you be more likely to participate in track building/maintenance if we had a regular weekly time on:

pie graph of preferred dig day - weekday evening 56%, Saturday 11%, Sunday 9%, not 24%

4. Anything else you would like to see the QMTBC do for MTB in Queenstown?

A lot of you took the time to give us your thoughts.  Some of the common themes included:
  • More ‘underbuilt’ rustic/natural trails.
  • Better communications on trail building days.
  • Some more club biking events both XC/multihour and DH.
  • A few people mentioned wanting easier alternatives to some features like the to bridge into Kachoong/Gravitron/Grin and Holler and more natural lines around jumps.

 5. Trail adoption program

There were also some positive responses to this so look out for some trail adoptions in the future!

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