Wednesday night Trail building update – 12/10

This week's dig was good fun on Wednesday, all up there were 5 of us - all good diggers.  Matt from R and R Sports was there  supporting the Club and Queenstown mountain biking.  Sounds like he is going to be out every week and this week Stu from Outside Sports joined in too -it would be be good to see the other bike shops pitching in as well!  Got another 70m done this week on the new trail into 7 Mile from the car park at the town end.  Hopefully we will build in momentum as people get used to it being on every Wednesday night at 5:30pm out at the 7 Mile car park.  Look out for some pics next week. Diggers this week were, Ryan P, Stu from outside, Matt W from R and R and Kev F. We are still finalising an Atlas apres dig deal so come along and you might get some free beer and chips afterwards.

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