Trail Building and MTB Survey update

Last spring the Queenstown mountain bike club  surveyed its members to find out where to target the clubs resources and time.  The QMTBC was originally formed to build new trails and gain access to existing trails and this remains the primary focus. As reported in the original survey results, respondents said that they wanted to see the Queenstown mountain bike club:
  • creating more cross country singletrack (especially outside 7 Mile)
  • advocating more access to existing trails
  • maintaining momentum in building new downhill trails and 7 mile trails
  • maintaining the existing trail network
  • a regular weekday evening for trail building sessions
So here is the latest on what we are doing:   Creating more cross country singletrack mtb trail building at 7 Mile Queenstown As reported in an earlier news report we have plans for 75km of new mtb trails that link and extend the current trail network.  While a lot is still in the pipeline, the club has started building a new trail into and out of 7 Mile from the town end carpark. This trail will provide a more rideable alternative to the steep, loose track from the carpark to the lake. Linked to this will be a new trail that will climb through the trees beside 7 Mile creek to provide an off road alternative to riding up to Moke Lake.  This trail has already been scoped out in conjunction with DOC (including archaeologists) and we are just awaiting final approval before starting to build it. The rest of the 75km network that is on DOC land is awaiting final approval of the ongoing managment agreement with the QMTBC. Advocating more access to existing trails Club president Tom Hey has been working closely with DOC towards opening up some prime trails in the region that are currently only available to walkers.  We can't go into too much detail at this delicate stage of the process but rest assured that if it comes off it will be a significant addition to mountain bike riding in the Wakatipu area! Maintaining momentum in building new downhill trails and 7 mile trails The QMTBC supported a recent push to re-open a couple of downhill trails in the Queenstown Bike Park.  These trails had been closed for a couple of years but were local favorites and a few club members put in some volunteer effort into helping Skyline to re-open them. Out at 7 mile, approval has been obtained from DOC to build a new trail linking Bliss and Loop 7.  This is a low-key build of a hand-built rustic nature that will provide a link to enable much needed bigger loops to be ridden.  As well as a great challenging XC ride there will be a few optional AM style drops and rock ramps to challenge the more adventurous rider. Maintaining the existing trail network Much work has been done maintaining the existing trail infrastructure.  We have had a major re-vamp of the Wynyard downhill trail and a significant upgrade of the gorge rd jump park - both projects that were initiated and funded by the QMTBC and our members contributions. We have also run some post-winter trail maintenance sessions at 7 Mile to tickle up the tracks a bit for summer.  Without a regular once over the trails soon get overgrown and rutted out. A regular weekday evening for trail building sessions We have been running a Wednesday night trail building session since October out at 7 Mile to build the new track into the area from the town end carpark.  This has been very effective and we are now well over halfway to completing the track. If you want to help simply turn up at 6pm on any Wednesday at the 7 Mile carpark and get stuck in!

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