How skillful?!??!

How skilled a mountain biker am I? Here is a crack at making it clear where we all sit.
Learner – Ummm how high should I put the seat? When I change gear the chain comes off! This flat bit is all good!
Beginner – Sweet lets go for a ride?! Only if you aren’t busy. Yea about an hours ride is good for me! I bought a new riding top!
Intermediate – Yea lets go for a pedal. Cool mate, see you there at 7.* (*Turns up on time.) What about doing that new trail? Have you seen that jump!?! Shoot mate have you already been out twice this week! Nice! I’m thinking about buying a 29er
Advanced – Yep… you hit that jump. And now you want to check the run in again because you recon you could hit it faster/bigger. You own a full face. Berms are pretty sweet if you get them right.
Expert - You can spot radical lines that no-one else really rides and you hit big features and rail berms ‘cos you are a legend. Your bike is worth twice or more of what your car is worth.
Pro - You make your own lines anywhere. People take photos of you because of your cool kit.
Hope this clears it up. Keen for feedback to try and make this as clear as possible!

One thought on “How skillful?!??!

  1. Love this, there’s a bit too much of a jump between Intermediate and Advanced… In my honest opinion, and the stage I am at, Intermediate stands for ‘crashes A LOT’ This is, of course, because I am pushing myself! And potentially due to doing slightly retarded things on my bike too. Occasionally…

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