Quick MTB trail overview

A quick overview of the mountain bike trail conditions here in Queenstown: Wynyard freestyle park = New Trick booter... repacked landers on Mini Dream and all features in EXCELLENT condition. Big dream is being ridden by some crazy kids kicking round from NZ National DH - so that must be all good. I HEARD: New wooden features are on the cards! Some old dumb ones will be pulled down. Good good. Skyline Gondola accessed Downhill/All mountain = Just had a cheeky bit of mid summer rain YES! Trails are running fast. Some slight damage to favorite trails due to amazingly dry/sunny month and loose packed ground getting shredded by mad cats. Easier lines are immaculate! Big lines are BURLY. Everyone is HAPPPPY. Dirt Park = Great condition. All open and ready for advanced riders to get there madness on. With the access road being in really good shape for all vehicles - Get your mum to run shuttle driver... She'll love it. Remarkables DH = Same as dirt park... the lines are nice and tidy all open. Buuuuuut the ROAD IS SKETCHY! (Mum don't bring your Corolla). 7 Mile XC/Freeride = All trails open. Maintenance crews will be going in shortly for weed spraying but it is pretty clean lines. Bit loose from being dry in places. All wood/north shore features are happiness and joy! Moonlight trail = Get it done. It is super gnarly and techhy (29ers for the single track will be sooo happy!) So be ready for some offs on the top bit. Definitely clip in if you have the option as the clearance between some of the ankle high rocks are leeetle and narrow. Frankton Track = Clear and easy biking for all bikers (Except roadies because they have skinny tyres.) Macetown = Going there this weekend. Watch this space. Jardines Park = From what I heard last night (secret meeting), It’s good as gold for alllllllll riders. Gorge Road = Dirt jump heaven. There is a couple of locals who religiously keep it to a ridiculously high standard. Red Bull have an event there soon! (Close in timing to Farm Jam) That is everything I have ridden in the last two weeks… so yep, get amongst it all yeah! Urrrrm that is all. Queenstown. Get here.

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