Fernhill Loop Update

fernhill loop
Trees down on Fernhill Loop
The QMTBC had a meeting with the council last week about the Fernhill Loop track and the council confirmed that they are taking the track over from DoC. On the Fernhill side the broom has taken over and those native trees have blocked the trail in-between the two clearings. QLDC are going to temporarily 'close' the Fernhill end of the trail as they do not have the funds to clear it.  This means that it will remain as it is and just won't have any signage or maintenance. If and when maintenance funding becomes available the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club will work with QLDC to make sure the trail is made as good as it can be. We want to keep the beech forest singletrack as it is (no diggers!) and would love to re-route the Fernhill side to make it an epic loop! If anyone out there is interested in sponsoring the work required please get in touch with the QMTBC .

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  1. Hey there mate!
    Heading down to your beautiful country in a few weeks from the states. Am thinking of doing some mountain biking at the Bike Park(Skyline?) My questions is this: I am an xc guy and am wondering if I will have xc options at the park, vs mostly downhill?? I have read about this Fern hill track, and that seems to be close to the park, but I do not see any trail info. on the web site, which leads me to believe it is not part of the park, and I’d have to access it from another location. Any info. you could provide would be greaty appreciated. I was hoping to do some trails on Coronet peak, but have been told it will be a bit early for that. So, finding some decent XC trails would be a great help. Not that I won’t be able to find some great riding at the park….just would like to climb a bit.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Matt,
      The Queenstown Bike Park is a publicly owned recreation reserve that consists almost entirely of downhill trails. Access is free for all if you want to ride to the top (20 mins if you are superman or 40 mins if averagely fit). Skyline is a private company that runs a Gondola in the reserve. It mostly caters for tourists going to the top of Bob’s peak in the reserve where they also run a chairlift for access to a luge and they have a restaurant, gift shop etc. In recent years they have opened the Gondola to mountain bikers and will carry you and your bike to the top of the hill for the price of a day pass, multi day ticket or season pass. Fernhill Loop connects to the Bike Park about halfway up (or down!) and links to the Fernhill part of Queenstown (basically a suburb). It is a great XC ride although in places it is very steep and technical. If you are into XC trails you should check out 7 Mile (about 7 miles out of town!) the Moonlight trail and the Moke lake loop (accessible from 7 Mile). As soon as you get into town pop into one of the local bike shops and pick up a club map ($5, proceeds to trail maintenance) which has most trails on it. While you are in the shop you could also join the club as your membership card could easily save you more than the membership ($40) in discounts around town, in fact it will give you a $50 discount of a Gondola season pass alone as well as 10% off beers at Atlas (the main MTB bar in Queenstown!).
      Hope this helps.

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