Gorge Rd jumps go viral!

This awesome photo of the Gorge Rd MTB/BMX jump park by local photographer Miles Holden was posted to the Vital MTB facebook page recently and almost immediately got over 1500 'likes' and 300+ comments from bikers all over the world.  A lot of the commentators could not believe that it was real as it looked too damn good. Comments like "photoshop?" and "ill believe it when i see a video" were quickly followed by by links to the various videos and photo galleries spread around the 'net to convince the disbelievers. This is further testament the the amazing job that the crew who look after the jump park do down there.  They just seem to quietly get on with the job in the backround and turn out the jump art you see in the picture without any fuss. This weekend's Red Bull Roast It! competition will provide further evidence of just how great a resource this is for Queenstown.  So get along to the competition this Saturday starting at 12pm and check out the action!

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