BikeNZ Plan

BikeNZ have released an overview of their plan for organised cycling in New Zealand.  There doesn't seem to be much about mountain biking in it but that probably reflects the fact that mountain biking doesn't tend to be particularly organised!  If you would like to read more head over to their website here and download the overview of the plan.  They are also taking the plan on the road visiting Queenstown on Thursday 29th March.  You can register to attend the roadshow on the BikeNZ website too. The Queenstown mountain bike club has been an affiliated member of MTBNZ (the MTB arm of BikeNZ) for a number of years now.  The main reason is because membership gives us liability insurance that covers events and trail building.  This insurance is necessary to meet the requirements of the various agreements and leases that we have with DoC and the Lakes District council allowing the club to build and maintain the trails we manage in the Wakatipu. The club committee will be closely looking at how the proposed changes affect the QMTBC and making sure we get value from membership.

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