Trail building update

It has been another busy few weeks on the trail building front with various pieces coming into place for the new Moke Lake trail and the Coronet Peak Greengates to Skippers Saddle trails. Safety Audit - All Areas The QMTBC has just received the recently completed independent safety audit for the trail areas we manage.  This cost the club just under $600 to get completed and is necessary to comply with the management agreements we have with DoC (7 Mile, Moke Lake, Coronet Peak etc.), allowing us to build trails on DoC land.  The club also use this as the basis of the safety plan for thevarious areas we lease from the council (Gorge Rd, Wynyard, Jardines). This safety audit will cover us for the next 3 years of trail building, maintenance and management agreements in the areas we look after. Archaeologist Report - Moke Lake More parts of the bureaucratic puzzle are coming together as the archaeologist report has been sent to the Historic Places Trust for the new Moke Lake trail.  While they do not like to give exact time-scales we are pretty hopeful that it will be dealt with quickly as so far we have the full support of everyone the club has approached, especially DoC. NZ Ski letter of support - Greengates to Skippers Saddle The other good news this week is that the NZ Ski Coronet Peak team have issued a letter of support for the planned XC trail from the bottom of the Greengates chair to the Skippers saddle.  Their support will make getting permission from DoC who own the land a lot easier.  The club has a great working relationship with the Coronet Peak team who are very supportive of the club and mountain biking in general. Clearing work on new Moke Lake trail. Although we don't quite have permission to start digging the new Moke Lake trail, DoC gave us the OK to begin clearing which we have over the last two Wednesday night dig sessions.  The guys are making good progress but we can always use extra hands so come along on Wednesday nights from 6pm at the town end 7 Mile car park for free beer, free one square meals and half price pizza...oh and great trail building too! Kicking into high gear! Once we have full permission to start digging the new Moke Lake and Coronet to Skippers saddle trails we'll be getting a mini digger in there to help with the initial work which should speed the process up enormously.  Don't worry though, we won't be building a highway as our digger operators will be highly skilled and subtle trail craftspeople, following up with hand tools to create some awesomely fun XC singletrack!

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