Inaugural Ben Lomond MTB Races

This weekend saw the first running of a couple of new Active QT organised MTB races in the Queenstown Area.  The Body Mechanics 20km Wheely Good Ride & QRM 50km Sky Ride both started at the edge of Moke Lake and headed up into the beautiful Ben Lomond station.  All of the QMTBC members who got the free entries were happy to finish although most were a bit taken aback with the amount of pushing required for a bike race.  There is probably a bit of fine tuning of the course required but hopefully this will become a permanent addition to the Queenstown MTB race scene!
bikers riding into ben lomond station
Heading into the hills of Ben Lomond station.
Both races had a wet start up Moke Creek before a steep climb up to Sefferstown where the 20km event turned and headed back along Moke Lake Rd towards the finish line.  Here is where the 'fun' really started for the 50km race.  After a steep descent back to Moke Creek and over the stock bridge it was a brutal climb-fest with huge climb after huge climb and plenty (too much?) pushing up and steep descents that were over all to fast.  The course also included a bit of pretty rough steep singletrack  that will benefit from a bit more settling in in the future although the old water race was a blast! It was a relaxed atmosphere at the finish line with competitors receiving a warm welcome as the crossed the line, free beer courtesy of Wanaka Beerworks and plenty of spot prizes.

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