First calendar competition photos in already!

Photo by: Clees Lambridis Rider: Dave Schlackman Location: Queenstown Bike Park
Photo by: Clees Lambridis; Rider: Dave Schlackman; Location: Queenstown Bike Park
And wow, if this is the standard of pictures that we are going to get from you guys this calendar will be amazing! Thanks to Conor Gambles and Clees Lambridis for getting the ball rolling and daring to be the first two entrants to our calendar competition. Both of this weeks's photographers have entered photos of Queenstown Bike Park and you can see all five of their photos on the website here. Entries will be posted up on the website as we get them here so keep them coming.  You can find out all about the competition and how to enter here.  

2 thoughts on “First calendar competition photos in already!

  1. Great idea, are photos from [unofficial] trails (such as this one) allowed, seems to be ok for all the big magazines when shooting photos around Qtown, so guess so!! I have plenty from way up high where we should not go, will send them in.

    1. Hi Jogger,
      You can enter any photo you like as long as it meets the basics (bike, rider, photographer), whether or not it wins anything is entirely up to the judges…

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