Calendar photo competition entries pouring in

photo of man riding bike through trees with dog
Photo by: Dave Coulson, Rider: Matt Weir, Location: Queenstown, Wakatipu Back Country
The pace of entries to the calendar photo competition is picking up and Sarah (the competition organiser) is flat out uploading the photos to the website.  To have a look at the entries so far head on over to the QMTBC Calendar Competition page and click on the category whose entries you want to view.  We are still looking for entries for the 'Under 12' category so get those kids out taking photos! Keep the entries coming, don't forget they don't have to be recent photos - they just need to fit into the rules and category (see the competition page for details). With all of the Queenstown Bike Festival events there are plenty of opportunities to get some fantastic shots, try the Teva Slopestyle on Thursday for some 'playtime' photos or the Dirtmasters DH on Sunday for the 'Queenstown Bike Park' category.  There's still a few opportunities left for sponsors too but get in quick if you don't want to miss out!

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