Fantastic First Teva Slopestyle

Thursday night saw the inaugural Queenstown Teva Slopestyle mountain bike event and what an awesome night it was!  The gutsy amateurs kicked off the night throwing down some impressive moves in practice followed by the pros practising their own combos.  When the actual competition started the jumps got bigger and tricker as the evening wore on and the riders responded to the increasingly noisy crowd.  There were some amazing runs made and attempted through the evening with the riders seeming to pay no heed to personal safety in their efforts to wow the crowd and win some cash.  Those guys put on an amazing show and earned everyone's respect and awe, thanks guys! Overall this was a brilliant event and hopefully the first of what will become a long running annual competition.  Huge thanks to Teva who keep throwing swag into the crowd and giving away top line mountain bike shoes.  Thanks also to the crew who made it happen from the organisers of the bike festival to course designers Tom Hey and Kelly McGarry and their amazing crew of jump builders all the way through to the Queenstown mountain bike club volunteers helping the event run smoothly through the evening.  Well done guys! For more detailed info on the tricks and riders and some superb photos check out the pinkbike post here.
photo of winners holding oversized checks
The winners of the pro competition (left to right) Elmo Cotter 3rd, Connor MacFarlane 2nd, Benny Phillips first, Lewis Jones 4th, and Kelly McGarry 5th
photo of riders holding oversized checks
Winners of the amateur comp (left to right) Mitch Scammell 3rd, Chris Prude 1st, Will Guthrie 2nd - the pros better look out for these guys in years to come!
jumper covered in dirt
Jed Mildon hit the dirt a few times until he hit his double backflip, but man it looked sweet when he eventually landed it! (even if he was a bit sore)
handing cash over to a rider
Cold hard cash was on offer for good tricks - or good crashes!
picture of crowd and big jump
There was a great crowd who really got behind the riders, Queenstown really turned it on for the gladiators behind the barriers.
mountain bike rider upside down in air
Obligatory action shot of local hero and Teva rider Kelly McGarry
rider backflipping
Another action shot, keep an eye out for the pro photogs pictures in the magazines, judging by the number of guys with big lenses there are bound to be some good ones!

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