Wednesday Night Digs – Update

This week the Wednesday night dig will start at 5pm to try and get more digging done while it's still light.  We'll still be starting from the town end 7 Mile car park but if there is no-one is around go across the road (remembering to look both ways an hold hands if you're with someone else) and follow the pink tape into the trees.  If you want to keep digging in the dark then bring your riding lights! A good crew turned out for last weeks Wednesday night dig despite all the goings on of the bike festival.  Most of the clearing has now been completed and the digging has begun at good speed.  There was digging until 8pm under lights (bike lights of course).  It's going to be a great track so come along on Wednesday at the 7 Mile town end car park from around 5pm and help us build it.  If you are going to hang around much after 7pm you'll need to bring lights. Remember: Trails don't build themselves.
mtb trail under construction
Path cleared so we are finally digging!
pre benched trail
Further up the route the proposed trail is helpfully pre-benched thanks to the gold miners of the late 1800s.

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