Treasurer and Secretary required

At the AGM held on Thursday night we failed to elect a Secretary or Treasurer. Although the other six committee positions were filled these two key roles are required for the club to continue to operate and build and maintain the fantastic trail network we have in Queenstown.

This will require a Special General Meeting to elect a Secretary and Treasurer as these positions can only be elected at a general meeting of the club.

Your club needs you! If you or anyone you know can help the club by taking on the role of either of these positions please contact us ASAP by emailing the committee at or any of the individual members of the commitee by using the form on the bottom of the About and Join page of the website ( ). The committee meetings are normally one per month but often a little less regular during the winter.

Here is the official description of the roles from the club constitution:

The duties of the Secretary shall be to call and attend all general meetings and all Committee meetings, to keep a register of the members of the QMTBC, to keep all records and generally to perform all clerical work of the QMTBC. Note: The register of members is managed by a dedicated committee member which makes this role a bit easier!

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to attend all general meetings and all Committee meetings, to receive all monies due the QMTBC, and issue a receipt for all monies received, and to place the same to the credit of the QMTBC banking account, to sign all cheques for disbursements in conjunction with the QMTBC President, to make payments in behalf of the QMTBC, to keep proper books of the accounts, to prepare and submit to the members of the QMTBC at the AGM a duly audited statement of the financial affairs of the QMTBC. Note: Assistance can be provided with this role if necessary and the departing treasurer is happy to help for a time to assist with the transition.

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