3rd Tuesday Night ride

Hi team Last Tuesday night was a good ride but for Sam's broken rear derailer, and me being totally shagged !!!! Good to have Brendan along. This week will see a shorter ride with a difference. Geoff Hunt believes he has found a gully at Jacks Point that I don't know about ..phftttt So the ride will be a bit of a mystery tour. As you can see on the Google image. Red track marks easier or quicker routes if you wish to take them. Let me know if you are keen to join up with the ride. I know there are some of you that think the pace is to tough. If this is the reason you are not coming along, well, it's just not a reason !!! I am more than happy to stick back with a slower group. And the faster group can wait for us at key points..or not ! See you at 6 Beau  

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