DQ MTB Marketing

There has been a bit of discussion recently about the funds that Destination Queenstown have been putting into marketing Queenstown as a mountain biking destination.  There  have been a few big numbers bouncing around but we have recently had verification from DQ that they have put $23,000 into MTB marketing in the last year, this is from the total budget for 'Special Interest' marketing (including wine, golf etc) of $130,000. It is worth noting that DQ have been vocal supporters of the club, particularly with the QLDC, as well as giving the club free membership to DQ worth $1,000 per year.  However, as yet this support has not directly contributed to our ability to build and maintain trails.  For this reason the club hopes to work with Destination Queenstown and its members to encourage all those who benefit financially from MTB visitors to recognise that trails cost money - especially with the increased wear of trail usage from bike tourists. It seems only fair that all who benefit should help to support the continued development of the region's trails, not just the fantastic few who support the club right now :-). If we get this right more bike tourists should mean more and better trails for everyone!

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