Trail up Moke Lake Road getting a turbo boost!

Progress has been great on the new trail that will avoid the road section from Glenorchy Road to the first cattle-grid on Moke Lake Road. The wednesday night vollie dig crew has been hard at work under headlights on the cold dark evenings fueled by trail producing One Square Meal's thanks to the good folks at Cookie Time. Dave Fahey from Speights has been getting stuck in on the tools and then providing some well earned beers for our awesome team of guys and gals to thank them for their hard work. Last week we finally completed a major switchback section to get up and over a very steep section with very little decent route options. There are a couple of springs leaking on to the trail that we will monitor and figure out the best way to deal with before the trail is finished. After that some great work was done clearing and reinstating an old miners trail that will ride great and provide a nice rest on the uphill. Cheers miners!! A while ago the club applied for some funding to work on the tough middle section and the Community Trust of Southland came up with about $6000 providing the club also put in similair funds through volunteer work and money from fundraisers that we have held over the summer. This money will go towards having a small crew of 3 or so heading in and working on the hard to access middle section. We are choosing this section as it takes too long to get in to justify a short digging session like on the vollie digs. We aim to do two or three 5 hour sessions a week and get as much done as we can so that the money is well spent! The section in question will be hard work as most of the area is made of rock tailings with very little dirt around and will need efficient and innovative building techniques using the resources as best possible. This section should be great to ride being a quite mellow gradient but with lots of slippy rock to keep it interesting. The crew that will be heading in will all be local experienced trail builders who have done lots of volunteer trail building in QT, part of the deal is that they have to be at every wed night dig (unpaid of course)! The rate for paid work will be $18 per hour for all crew. Combining this with the wed night crew and a possible sunday morning dig soon we will hopefully turbo boost progress and link up both sections of trail in a month or two. For the top section the legend that is Angus Sobells has offered to rent and operate a mini digger and bench a singletrack through the thick bracken until we link all three sections up. Then we ride!!! This trail is part of an effort to make the Moke Lake- Dispute loop even better with waaay more juicy singletrack and we may do something about the 'travellator' (horrible grass slight uphill bit by the fence) section too! We will keep you updated with pics and stories from the trail. Last of all, a couple of stats and a BIG THANK YOU to all the wed night dig crew. There are a lot of 'regulars' and always new faces each week. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  • Diggiest digger so far since AGM - Jeremy 'He Man' Lyttle (Watch out Matt Weir)
  • Best root massacher-ist - Wade Ketch
  • Best yarning - Ryan Purcell
  • Worst shoelaces - Callum Wood
  • Girliest hands - James Clark
  • Most 'off duty' hours - Matt Weir

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