Club AGM II – The reconvening!

The QMTBC AGM was not closed due to not electing a Treasurer or Secretary.  We now have nominations for these positions so we are going to reconvene the AGM at the shortest day/longest night BBQ and ride at 7 Mile on Thursday June 21.  We need at least 25 members to show up so we can reconvene the AGM and the positions can be confirmed.  So come along for a beer, banger and ride - unless there are any objections the election should only take about 5mins. The nominations are: Treasurer: Andy Richardson Secretary: Brendhan Callaghan Andy is new to the committee but has been part of the  mountain biking scene in Queenstown for years.  Andy is comfortable handling financial records and accounts from this job as an office manager.  Debbie, our excellent outgoing Treasurer has been working with him to make sure he is happy with what is required and he is keen to get on with it. Brendhan has been on the committee for a couple of years now managing the website and making sure the club newsletter goes out every week.

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