One Square Meal CX Series 1st Race

Minus 7 degrees the night before meant the course for the first race of the One Square Meal Cyclocross Series was frozen. "The ground was like concrete, except it wasn't smooth. If you accidently rode into a sheep poo, it felt like you were hitting a rock" said race organiser Carey Vivian. Despite this, 23 hardy riders turned up and completed the first race of the series in the negative temperatures. Some riders still braved short-sleeve lycra tops and shorts, in true cyclocross spirit! cx riderThe men's race was won by Gavin Mason (Wanaka) who completed 10 laps in just over an hour. Gav cemented his dominance in the race, and possibly the entire series, by leading from the start and never looking back. Tristan Rawlence (Dunedin) and Brent Herdson (Queenstown) weren't too far behind, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively, both also completing 10 laps. Phil Wood (Queenstown) was the only male to DNF after a crash. Anya McDonald (Dunedin) won the women's race just ahead of Emma Thorne (also Dunedin). Anya, a former British cx champion, also finished 8th overall. She is very excited about the course and coming back to race in 2 weeks time. The test of a good cyclocross course is one that a mountain biker does not win on. Unfortunately that was true for Marty McDonald and Mike Kelly. But who knows what would have happened if the course turned from concrete to slush? Maybe those 29 inch mountain bike wheels would have excelled. Well done guys, better luck next time. cx course with mountainsOverall a great start to the cx season and the series. The course is likely to get better and better with time - hopefully one day we will get that elusive mud or snow that we have all been waiting for. Next race is the National Series Race at 2pm on Sunday 1 July. Same place on the Remarkables Park lower fields. The second race is part of the Winter Festival, and will attract riders from all over New Zealand. World ranked #2 Katie Compton is riding, thanks to One Square Meal. She is a real machine and will be awesome to watch (probably as she is passing you). Don't forget the cyclocross bike raffle tickets are still available from the Outside Sports Ride Centre on Brecon St. Tickets are $10 and your odds of winning the $2,800 bike are very good. Big thanks to Jo, Debbie, and Frazer for helping out with registration and timing. Thanks to Brent and Smithy for making the barriers yesterday morning. Also thanks to Element for the tent (they have a couple of nice cyclocross bikes in stock - talk to Ollie for a good deal) and of course One Square Meal for making the series a reality. See you in two weeks! PS: Those of you with your cameras out on the course today don't forget you can enter your photos into the Cyclocross Category of the Queenstown mountain bike club calendar competition. To View full results click here or Download as PDF

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