National Series Cyclocross Comes to Queenstown

Mud, thrills and spills as the National Series of Cyclocross comes to Queenstown. Also part of round 2 of the One Square Meal Cyclocross Series, course conditions are looking perfect with a lot of moisture in the ground, and lots more to come this week. Totally different conditions to what we had last year – this year promises to be more demanding for riders and more entertaining for spectators. Check out Source Tee Vee’s video of the first race last weekend A big part of cyclocross is the spectators. So come, makes lots of noise, and support those nutters riding around in circles for an hour - through mud, snow and ice – on roads bikes. The main race kicks off 2pm and will last about an hour. Drive through the Remarkables Park Shopping Centre, past the BNZ, and then follow the cones to the car park area.

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