Walking Access Commission grant

A couple of weeks ago the Queenstown mountain bike club received confirmation from the NZ Walking Access Commission that our application for a grant has been successful! This grant will help us build more new trails on the Moke Lake - Lake Dispute ride (sometimes referred to as the Four Lakes Ride).  The commission has agreed to give us $10,000 to put towards a new section of track that will provide an alternative to the sharp downhill and road section after Lake Dispute (when riding it anti-clockwise).  Together with the new uphill section parallel to Moke Lake Rd this will virtually eliminate all the sealed road sections.  But if you want to do the steep downhill to the Glenorchy Rd it will still be there :-). The new section will start at the end of the first bit of singletrack after Lake Dispute at the stile, just before the steep section.  It will carry on traversing along the side of the hill through some Manuka and native Beech trees, along a disused water race, past a bluff (could be some tricky trail building here) before dropping down to Wilsons Bay.  There will probably also be a couple of low bridges to be built although these will be below 1m in height so should not require extra consents.  There is no intention of closing the existing steep downhill and the QMTBC will strongly resist any attempts to do so as many of our members enjoy this steep challenging section of trail.  We will do whatever we can to keep this open as an alternative to the new section of trail. The new section of trail will be dual use and will be built by contractors under the close supervision of QMTBC trail building experts - in particular current president Tom Hey who is the driving force behind this trail.  This is one of the first stages of Tom's major trail network project which aims to add an extra 75km of new trails; linking the existing trails into a larger trail network. We need to get through some more DoC processes before we can actually begin work though.  As the trail  (working title Golden Lakes Discovery Loop) passes through some historic mining areas Tom will still need to walk it with DoC archaeologists who must then prepare a report for the NZ Historic places trust.  Once they give us the go ahead we can finally start digging, hopefully around the beginning of the coming summer.

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