Weekend Road Trip sponsored by QBT

Queenstown Bike Taxis logoWe are really pleased to announce that the Weekend Road Trip theme of our 2013 calendar competition is being sponsored by Queenstown Bike Taxis.  Jono and his van and trailer will be familiar to many of you as an integral part of the Queenstown MTB experience.  He tirelessly ferries mountain bikers all over the region and in between finds a great deal of time to actively support the club's activities including being a key member of the Downhill sub-committee.   Queenstown Bike Taxis offers a transport only service to help you and your bike get to the trails around Queenstown. QBT can pick you up from the airport, get you started for a cross country mission, drive the shuttles for a downhill run or take you on a 4 day trip to some of the best riding in the South Island.

There are already some great photos in the Weekend Road Trip category - check them out here - but there's still time to send in your own favorite photos!

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