Specialized Crux Raffle Prize Draw

The raffle for the Specialized Crux cyclocross bike was drawn last Sunday right after the prize giving for race two of the One Square Meal cyclocross and race two the New Zealand CX series.  In a random draw in front of an expectant crowd of CX racers and supporters world no 2 CX racer Katie Compton drew a random name out of the box and the winner was...
drawing a name out of a box
Kaite Compton reading the name of the winner
Tom Hey, the Queenstown mountain bike club president!  Obviously a little perplexed at this and possibly a bit scared he'd be forced to compete in the rest of the OSM series Tom promptly donated the bike back to the club and put it up for an on-the-spot auction.  After a tense bidding war between highly competitive cyclists and a toddler on dad's shoulders  we had another winner - Marty McDonald went home with a $2800 CX bike for just $1300 and in the process added $1300 to the coffers of the QMTBC to be spent on cross country Trail development!
two men and a bike
The Two winners, Tom Hey (right) the original winner of the Crux handing it over to Marty McDonald who bought it at the impromptu auction.

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