Wynyard DH update

This season the Wynyard has had over 10,000 runs.  That number of runs along with the odd adverse weather event can take a toll on a trail so there has been some maintenance work done recently to do some repairs and prepare it for winter.  First up the DH Subcommittee got a volunteer crew out there a few weeks ago and did some fantastic work repairing some of the damage done during the summer season. There were six of them out there working most of the day making real progress.  Unfortunately they did not have the time to get all of the necessary work done to ensure the track comes through the winter unscathed so the club got Phat Lines in to do some essential pre winter maintenance.  This mostly involved work minimising the possibility of erosion from winter and spring rain. The DH subcommittee is also looking into improving the bridge about halfway down making it a bit wider for those of us who aren't up to the big jump over the stream.

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