Passionate about getting kids into mtb?

The Queenstown Moutain Bike Club is looking for someone (or more than one person) passionate about getting kids into mountain biking; to help the club set up and manage a youth development programme (any age from 8 to 18).  No teaching experience or bike skills are absolutely necessary as the club can find people who have the skills to share.  What we need is someone to co-ordinate the programme itself - set up times and venues, publicise the events and generally make sure that the whole thing comes together.  You might be a parent with some time to spare or someone keen to make a contribution to the local mtb community without spending long evenings with a shovel in your hand.  Get in touch with any committee member or email the club to talk about how it might work. The committee is happy to help design the programme but also keen to allow the co-ordinator to find what works best and try out new ideas.  The club support structure will be there to back you up, providing insurance cover as well as help with communications.  Some of the ideas that have come out of our discussions to date include:
  1. Communicate with Schools that we are interested in having a day a fortnight where dedicated club members do free skills training clinics. XC, DH.
  2. Dirt Jump Coaching clinics
  3. Regular workshop clinics
  4. Youth race x1 early season, x1 mid season, x1 end of season.
  5. Out of town Cross country event eg Casual ride in Wanaka.
  6. Parents day for under 10s.
Getting our local youngsters involved in mountain biking is crucial to ensuring the

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