9 days left to get your photos in

Photo by: Grace Sobels (age 9) Rider: Seb Sobels Location: Lake Hayes Hill
Only 9 days to go until our calendar photo competition closes and the judging begins.  Categories still wide open are:
  • Snow (nothing in from this year's mountain bikes on snow event yet, where are they?),
  • Cyclocross.  There were loads of cameras about at round 2 of the Cyclocross season during the Winter Festival so get them in now.  Personally I'm also waiting for one of the classic shots from last year's Cyclocross event with a pile-up of riders and bikes sliding down the hill towards the crowd of spectators!  If you don't know the names of the riders from these events you can always find the list of entrants on the club website and look up the riders' numbers.
  • Under 12 Photographer - how about giving the multi-talented Sobel kids some competition?
We're also in the fantastic position of only having one sponsorship slot left with Gorge Road Jump Park gone to Phat Lines and Playtime being grabbed by Fat Badger's Pizza.   "The Mountain Bike" theme is still available and we may decide to exercise our prerogative to change anything about the competition at any time.  But only if a sponsor comes along with an idea for a different theme that we can pluck entries for from our current batch.  So who knows, enter your photo and you may find yourself winning a category that we haven't even thought of yet! More news on prizes, awards event and exhibitions coming soon...

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