Moke lake trail update

Progress is going well on the new 2 way singletrack alongside moke lake road. The wednesday vollie crew (we need a cooler name) have been awesome as usual. Even through the cold and snowy (sometimes!) nights there has been a good crew out smashing out some trail. We are now about the one third mark past the corsican drive pylons and getting into the cool mining stuff. Special shout outs go to Wade 'Stump getter out-er-er' Kechington, James 'Official metre counter' Clark, Dave 'Oh Great one who brings us beer' Fahey and Reasonably New Tom who is in the lead for diggiest digger over the winter. Matt Weir is back from hucking his 29er around BC though and hungry to defend his title. Big thanks to everyone who comes out anytime. Every week there are some regular faces and some new ones and it's always a good laugh with a few beers and pizza to end. The crew on the middle section has been going hard lately too and making some cool looking trail through some really challenging terrain to build in. Think lots of rocks covered in lots of spiky bushes with no dirt to make trail with. We are currently making a trail over some huge tailing piles (with permission to cover some of them). It will take about 100 barrows of dirt to cover about 60m of trail so it's slow going but we are halfway there and it will make for a real cool section of trail that goes through a slice of Queenstown's history. Making a 2 way trail is always a challenge and some impassable rock sections make it harder but hopefully the line we have picked will make a climb that isn't too tough and a fun descent. One thing's for sure, it'll beat riding up and down the road! Weather depending the trail will be complete by spring (real spring, not what we are having now!) and we can move onto building/maintaining the next trail..... Plan is to join the bottom and middle sections together them move up and finish the top and then shred it! We'll leave you with a few pics if the work in progress and some of your favourite dig stats from the wed crew: - Diggiest digger standings 1. Reasonably New Tom 2. Wade Simmons 3. Dave ' Oh great one who brings beer' Fahey -Oldest stump removal expert - Pete 'McGnarly' McInally 51 years young - Youngest stump removal expert - Tato Mello 17years old from Brazil - Branch manager - Reasonably New Tom - Biggest rock found - Sam Owens - Biggest rock moved - Tom Hey with mild help from Matt Weir and Sam Owens - Best One Square Meal flavour - Chocolate - Most beers drank per square inch of trail built - Ryan Purcell If you fancy coming out then head up Moke Lake Road until you see the cars parked opposite Corsican Drive and follow the pink tape and highly professionally made arrows into the forest or follow the grunting noises. We'll be in there from 5 every wednesday evening. We have tools but bring lights if you have them. If you don't have time, that's all good!

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  1. I dont drive so could anyone give me a lift down from Queenstown? Text me if you can 0220637416

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