New QT-DH Race Series?

The DH subcommittee have been busy working on a brand new low-key DH Race series for the coming Summer.  The details are still being finalised but at the moment they are looking at six races and hoping to have about half of them in the Queenstown Bike Park.  Dates and venues are still to be confirmed but to wet your appetite here are  the days they are thinking about at the moment: Round 1: 2nd Dec 2012, QBP? Round 2: 16th Dec 2012, (Venue TBC) Round 3: Jan 13th 2013, (Venue TBC) Round 4: Jan 27th 2013, QBP? Round 5: Feb 10th 2013, (Venue TBC) Round 6: Feb 24th 2013, QBP? It's early days yet though so stay tuned!

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