Trail building on IB55 @ 7 Mile – Come help!

IB55 is needing a bit of love, last weekend the guys made a great start improving the entrance and tweaking some of the other corners as well as adding a small log drop.   It will be closed for the next few weeks to let it set up so please keep of it until the official re-opening! Next weekend they are having another crack at it.  If you want to go along and join in head out to 7 Mile next Sunday 19 August and meetup at the top of IB55 at 10am, bring some tools if ya got em but there will be some provided if ya ain't.  It's be good to see a few more ladies out there pitching in too!

2 thoughts on “Trail building on IB55 @ 7 Mile – Come help!

    1. Oops! It’s 10am top of IB55, 7 Mile Sunday August 19.
      Added to the post, thanks for pointing that out Jono!

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