7 Mile Maintenance approval.

wheel barrow and assorted tools
Your QMTBC subs at work (literally) the first item in the 7 Mile budget was some new tools seen here being used by volunteers at a recent trail building day at 7 Mile
At the last committee meeting the coming years budget for 7 Mile maintenance was approved.  Over the coming 12 months the club has committed to spend up to $7k on much needed maintenance out there.  We can reduce this and save money to spend on building more new trails if we can get enough volunteers to minimise how much we need to rely on contractors.  If you want to help out with this head on over to the Trail Building page and sign up as a trail building volunteer and we will contact you whenever we have a session going. The money is coming from a variety of sources and includes club membership subs and various club fundraising activities including the 7 Hours of 7 Mile race, raffles, T shirt and map sales and any grants we can get. The maintenance budgets for the other club areas are still being finalised but should be signed off soon.

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