IB55 Revamp – Update

This Sunday saw a dedicated team of 11 club members descend on 7 Mile to continue the upgrading of the neglected IB55 Trail.  Led by Karl Johnson and Glen Buckland the crew made great progress on the top part of the trail.  They added a couple of berms and tweaked the line to provide better flow (see the pictures and video below).  This is part of  a continuing effort to improve the trail keeping it at least as challenging as it currently is but making it more fun.  There is already an additional three log drop that you will be able to go around if you really want to but it will only flow if you take the drop! Unfortunately it will need to be kept closed until the work is complete to allow the trail to set up but stay tuned for the official re-opening. There will probably be another big push about the same time next month so stay tuned for details and sign up to our volunteer list on the Trail Building page. Sundays trail hero's were:
  • Dan Torrington
  • Paul Smith
  • Dave Bradley
  • Cory Clark
  • Lisa Counsell
  • Stephen Counsell
  • Glen Buckland
  • Carey Vivian
  • Brendhan Callaghan
  • Ryan Delange
  • Fonzie
  • Karl Johnson
Thanks guys, everyone who rides 7 Mile appreciates the efforts!
three guys digging dirt into wheelbarrow
Dirt farming at IB55 - this is the stuff that is making up the new berms.
workers building a berm
Part of the team building one of the new berms, this one will have a kick at the end so you can to launch into the next.
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rxfEAWrHUc&feature=youtu.be Here is a shaky video to give you an idea of the work that is happening on IB55.

4 thoughts on “IB55 Revamp – Update

  1. Hey great work everyone IB55 is looking great . It is great to see so many people working hard to give a old trail a face lift. Can’t wait till we can all go for a ride on it will be a fun trail.

  2. Wicked job on the revamp work on IB55 !
    Wish I could get as many volunteer to our trail over here in BC Canada….!
    Thanks. IB

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