One Square Meal Cyclocross Series – Race 5 – the FINALE of the series

"Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!" The final race of the One Square Meal Queenstown Cyclocross Series is set for 10am this Sunday, 26 August and if the weather gods are correct there will be lots of mud. A completely new course, due to the start of the construction of the Queenstown Trail, has been set and we think it is the best course yet. Utilising nearly 1km of newly scraped dirt, if it rains as predicted our final race of the series will be a mud bath! There are also a few good run sections in the course, plus the obligatory swamp crossing and off-camber turns.
fresh dirt trail
Could be muddy!
Race 5 is the final race of the series. As such, it is worth double points, which could really bolster your overall standings. The series winner is the person with the most points when their best four results are added up.  Currently Hamish Frazer is in the lead (having completed 4 races).  However Gavin Mason is not far behind having only completed 3 races. A win for Gavin this Sunday would mean a clean sweep for him for the series. We'll have to wait and see if the big fella can ride mud though! It would be great to get as many spectators along as possible to support this final race. The series has raised a few thousand dollars for the club, which is to be put in the general fund, plus raised the profile of cyclocross both regionally and nationally. Even if you haven't raced previously, you're more than welcome to turn up with any kind of bike and have a go. It's a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. Remarkables Park, 10am Sunday 26 August (just follow the signs past the BNZ to the paddocks by the river).

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